New Mexico 2010

Sparx and Lorenzo Antonio’s 9th
Annual Scholarship Concert. ENJOY!


My name is Robert Padilla and I live in Albuquerque.

The day was August 29th 2010, the one day of the year that I’m most excited about, The Sparx & Lorenzo Antonio Concert  This year my sister, Brenda, and I are attending the event, which we are both very excited about. I’ve been a friend of Sparx for many years and had the privilege to attend some very exciting events, and this is one of them!

I’m literally sweating a river as we approach the Tramway exit on i25.  As always for some reason I’m always nervous for these concerts I don’t know why, haha!

albuq2010b           We start to follow the usher who showed us to our AMAZING front seats, which were feet away from where the stage was. As we were waiting for the concert to start, I notice a small group of people walking towards us. To my surprise, I recognized the group of people as relatives of Sparx and Lorenzo. Among the group was the mother of the talented siblings I was here to see, her name is Gloria (I love that lady). With her, was one of the husbands of Sparx, Veronicas husband Erik. To top it all off, Mexican icon, Graciela Beltrán, sat right in front of us. It turns out Graciela is Lorenzo Antonio’s girlfriend. It was so amazing knowing that I was feet away from the family and loved ones of my idols and friends.

As the countdown started, it began to rain really hard with literally 52 seconds left. It was the worst thing that could have happened that day. As the countdown reached zero, the beautiful Kristyna, a member of Sparx, came out in a red mariachi outfit which made her even more stunning. She began to sing one of her best songs “Porque Te Quiero” of course she sang it amazingly. The last song that she sang was a song by singer Juan Gabriel called, “Hasta Que Te Conocí,” which has to be my absolute favorite song by her.

After Kristyna sang her last song, Sparx as a group came out with Mariachi Tenampa in different color Mariachi outfits (they looked absolutely beautiful). The first song that robertpSparx sang was “El Querreque”. During a break between songs the oldest sister Veronica announced that she was 6 months pregnant. (She gave birth in December to a healthy boy)  As Sparx ended their part with Mariachi, their brother Lorenzo Antonio came out and did his part of the show with mariachi. Girls were screaming so loud! Lorenzo sang “La Farsante, Yo No Fui, Just Because,” and etc. Before he sang his famous song “Doce Rosas” he announced that in fact he was dating singer Graciela Beltrán, he pointed to her in the audience and she got up and waved. During the next part in the show Sparx came out in black rocker looks this time they sang with a band. Their first song was a hit “El De Los Ojos Negros”. Next Lorenzo came out in a black suit, it was really nice, and that’s when he brought out his guitar and sang his famous rancheras. Ending the point of the show Sparx and Lorenzo came out on stage together, Sparx were wearing Purple and Silver dresses and Lorenzo in his silk silver suit and sang their last song “Me Huele a Rumba” and thanked the crowd and waved “Good Bye”

At the end of the show they had a little meet and greet for Sparx and Lorenzo, where you get to say “Hello” and get your memorabilia signed. That night was just like any of their other concerts AMAZING, had a great time and hope to experience more.

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